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Facts About Homelessness

NYC Homelessness in 2007:
  • More New Yorkers experienced homelessness
  • Homelessness continues at near-record levels
  • 2007: Worst year for NYC family homelessness since the Great Depression

  • The Numbers – More New Yorkers Experienced Homelessness in 2007, Homeless Population Still High
  • Last year, 102,187 different New Yorkers slept in homeless shelters, 5.8 percent more than the previous year and 23.4 percent more than six years ago.
  • The NYC homeless shelter population remained at near-record levels, with around 35,000 people in shelters each night.
  • 2007 was the worst year for family homelessness in modern history, with more than 9,000 families in shelters each night.

  • Perfect Storm in 2007:
  • 10.7 percent more NYC families entered the municipal shelter system.
  • 6.9 percent fewer homeless families were relocated from shelter to permanent housing.

  • Highlights of the Year in Homelessness
  • More NYC families seeking shelter, fewer homeless families moved to permanent housing.
  • Bloomberg administration finally abandons “Housing Stability Plus” program – but replaces it with flawed “Work Advantage” program and still denies Federal housing aid to homeless families and individuals.
  • City increases use of illegal boarding houses to shelter homeless adults, including many living with mental illness.

  • Data thanks to the Coalition of the Homeless' 2008 State of the Homeless Report

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